About Maysays

Maysays is a writing service, delivering written content for professional documents, print collateral and online copy.


Maysays is also me – Erica May.  Maysays started from an idea I had to always find a way to write, no matter what I was doing.  I did a Communications Degree and have worked for over a decade in the Media industry.  I have loved every minute of writing copy for internal newsletters, fielding questions and delivering PR packs to beauty editors, creating monthly programming highlights for cartoons, working towards strict TV and print deadlines (ever looked at a blank page in a magazine or watched the test pattern on TV when you thought you should be watching something else?  No?  That’s because of me), and always, always remembering to have a laugh.


Through the automagical power of technology, I can work with you regardless of where you are based.  Whether you are Sydney-based like me, in Melbourne or even as far afield as the USA, creating and delivering content will never be a problem.


Simply put, I just wanna write.  Blurbs, blogs and other assorted B’s.  No BS’ing though, there’s nothing I’d rather do now than to work with you to communicate your ideas to your audience and clients.


Feel free to contact me so we can work together.